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 Transforming workplaces into healthy and productive environments
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Ilene Rapkin is the President and Founder of I Openers. Previously, Ilene held executive sales and marketing positions at companies including American Express Publishing, Condé Nast, and Primedia.

Ilene shares her marketing and sales expertise, and lessons in management and leadership, through “Driving ROI & Productivity Training”, a division of I Openers she created in 2009 for select clients in the media and entertainment industries. Private two to three hour sessions are customized for senior marketing and sales executives to optimize and fine-tune their own skills for personal growth and results, and to help them create innovative revenue driving solutions for their teams and clients.

Ilene has become an expert in bringing together senior executives and their teams for a healthier and more productive workplace environment.

For information about one-on-one access to Ilene Rapkin and “Driving ROI & Productivity Training”, please complete the form on the CONTACT US page.

At the core of I Openers’ strategic expertise is an understanding of how to connect with and engage consumer audiences. We know that high engagement marketing only works if it satisfies our clients needs and delivers results. I Openers has successfully developed and executed a multitude of marketing programs that generated publicity, audience growth, brand awareness and sales. We have created unforgettable consumer touch points for major clients and brands, always keyed to ROI.

I Openers philosophy of PR is in contrast to the typical, passive, plug-and-play press release strategy of most agencies. We are specialists in custom crafting content into stories that individually serve the specific needs of journalists and editors, resulting in breakthrough coverage for our clients. I Openers prides itself on developing formal and personal alliances with media outlets and leaders for guaranteed and scheduled PR results, to build brands and bring measurable results.

In these challenging economic times, it is more essential than ever that partnerships and alliances are the right ones to drive profit and results. I Openers is known in the market as a firm that has successfully aligned many major companies, organizations and projects for mutual value and benefit As an established and respected expert in the media and marketing industry, Ilene Rapkin can open doors and offer access to decision makers and key executives in media companies, ad agencies, and major brands in culinary, active lifestyle, culinary, health/wellness, luxury resort destination and hospitality, and life stage, from bridal to baby.