I Openers clients rely on us to help solve their most challenging management and marketing problems.

Our 15 years of success, and a loyal client base are due to our responsiveness to change–new trends, new economic models, and new ways to train and coach to help our clients retain and inspire their vital talent.

We are refocusing our time, to deliver more of what our clients are asking for:
-Customized training and coaching through I Openers’ differentiating services, our Driving ROI and Productivity Training
-Custom Marketing, Branding, Research and Strategic Insights, including sell-through to your sales teams!

Our track record in these two areas is strong:
We work with large, small and start-up businesses to get them to think differently about talent recruiting, retention and training/coaching. Our philosophy is holistic: an effective leader must know how to develop a team-based framework to create a healthy and productive workplace environment. The result will be creative and innovative thinkers, and successful revenue drivers.

Our management consulting business makes us more effective at developing long-term marketing solutions for our clients. I Openers has proven success creating and delivering market position, and mission-driven ROI for elite brands and selected clients in the worlds of tech, ad tech, entertainment, content, media , health, fitness, wine and food, active lifestyle, event strategy, personalities, and consumer products. We provide these services backed by research, strategic insights, and trending information to deliver the most powerful consultation for our clients.

"I Openers prides itself on being a flexible and useful company. As economies, media and technologies change and emerge, and as culture shifts, we adapt to service our clients’ needs. We do this through our powerful network of relationships, by providing insights, access and results, and through our passionate engagement with our clients’ goals.”

Ilene Rapkin
President and Founder, I Openers

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